Joerg Skrypczinski

Systema Windsor Instructor Joerg SkrypczinskiJoerg started to study Systema in 1999 in Toronto under Vladimir Vasiliev.

He quickly developed a passion for the Russian way of fighting; learning about one’s self first, then applying that to all aspects of life. Recently, after being exposed to several life threatening situations during work in a factory, he realized how useful Systema really is for every situation life brings up on you. He then dedicated himself to learning how to teach Systema to others, so that he could pass on the great benefits that the art has to offer.

In February 2013, Joerg started his own Windsor Systema Training Group, authorized by his teacher, Mr. Vladimir Vasiliev. In May 2013 He became a certified Instructor In-Training. Joerg undergoes advanced training through the Systema Headquarters, while he is teaching in his own school, “Systema-Windsor”.

Other Qualifications:

  • 10 Years an active member of the Reserve Armed Forces/Germany-Berlin
  • CPO – Certified Protection Officer /Canada-US since 2004
  • Currently licensed Security Professional
  • Relaxation Therapist In-Training
  • Ontario licensed Accident & Sickness Insurance Advisor