Lessons and exercises

Here we will start with The main and most important lesson/exercise; BREATHING

To understand the importance of this chapter, I will share a lesson from Dr. Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D.

He points out that we general ignore the breath except when we have a severe problem such as asthma or emphysema. He continues, as a consequence , we develop unconscious breathing habits which often create stress and reinforce the dragons in the mind. These habits can also prevent us from taking control of the mind and body no matter how many  stretching and relaxation exercises may we do. If we understand the basic and simple principles about how and why we breathe, we can take control of our inner recourses. We can use our knowledge and skill to create a healthy body free of the problems of stress and develop the power of the mind. There are three key points about breathing:

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In Systema, we pay a great deal of emphasis regarding the breathing, now you know why. Also for combative purposes , it plays a great role. I like to point out, that even if we never have to use force, but train in any way of martial arts or sports, it is imperative  to breath proper. Therefore, Inhale through the nose and breath as if you where to fill a small balloon in your stomach. Exhale through your mouth as if you where to empty the balloon in your stomach, with other words, your stomach flattens. This is called diaphragm – breathing. It will take practise and time. Start TODAY.

We will continue on this subject.