Verbal or Physical Threats

A lot of times, people misunderstand this term in real life situations. One has to understand that when a threat has presented itself, the threat needs to be recognized as what it is = A Threat. So, when we are confronted with such condition, regardless of the level of the threat itself, one must be mentally ready and physically ready.

Mental Readiness

  • Having the right state of mind at any given time and or circumstance. This is especially  trained in most special forces units, but also in some other civilian elite groups like religious, business or political groups, just to name a few. This can NOT be achieved in one training session. It needs to be a part of our live. Meaning, we need to develop the “Right Attitude”  DO IT NOW, by:
  • Start to monitor your Thoughts. When a situation occurs, recognize it but don’t make it worse than it really is.  By controlling your thoughts, you are controlling your emotions which is absolutely essential for survival. To control your emotions and thoughts, start to apply the Systema Breathing exercises sa it is taught by certified systema instructors. Once you apply the proper breathing during your daily life routine, you will be able to apply it at any time due to any life-threatening situation.
  • Follow and apply the four Systema principles; Proper Breathing, Relaxation, Posture and Movements. Studey those principles and use them as your main base, even as an advanced systema practitioner or instructor.No Exceptions.
  • Make upfront DECISIONSby asking yourself; what am I willing to do, when a threatening situation occurs especially when it means to defend someone else other than yourself or a a loved oneThe following comment is imperative. When you get involved in any type of Threat, Be mentally and physically ready. No time to debate, once you involved yourself. Many martial arts practitioner’s and even law-enforcement members make the mistake to start and not being ready to adjust to the unpredicted response (threat). Whatever you do, be ready to apply the necessary level of  physical application (force if needed) and understand the consequence that will come with it, yes, consequences will always be part of it either positive or negative. Deal with it. No wishful thinking please. It WILL harm you.
  • Be assertive . Once you decided to get involved Do Not Hesitate. It can Kill YOU.

Do Not Be Overly Aggressive. You will not be able to apply self control, which is imperative in any crisis situation. Control you emotions and fears. Start Breathing right a way. If necessary, Bust-Breathing ( site web will cover this in the next session)  Apply the systema training methods DAILY, to be successful im n any life given situation (also good in your relationships).

I wish you success

Joerg Skrypczinski

P|S. I will publish new survival tips by March 2015