Women’s Safety Today is much more intense and complex than many years ago

  DECISION ‘ about how and when to defend themselves. This is extremely important to have this decision made prior to any type of possible emergency event.

So how to do this the Systema-Way?  First, one must have complete clarity about this subject, meaning, what are the possible consequences  one or the other way. If someone with a criminal attempt or emotional attempt attacks, there is a huge difference’ , specially from a legal prospective. The problem that comes with this fact is, that under any type of an attack, the defender has NO TIME to differentiate the situation intellectually   but  with intuition . This can only be done through intense training by developing self-control , self-confidence and skills. It is NOT good enough to go a couple of times in a week to a self-defence course . The individual has to live the Systema- Way.

Systema needs to be practiced every day in our live, not only for fighting. So, lets start with breathing. Proper breathing is the number one component, than relaxation, proper body posture and movements. Theese are the fundamental basics of Systema, when combined.

From here out on, we can start to teach about the specific self defense factors. But before we do this in our next session, we will go over the most important factors.

  1. Constant Breathing (Inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth) When panic clicks in, immediately start Burst Breathing.  During this process, we inhale and exhale intensively and quickly until we get to the stage where we can continue to breath at normal speed.
  2. Relaxation. Through the breathing relax yourself, no matter what the situation is. Trust in your ability.
  3. Keep a straight posture as much as possible
  4. Keep moving.   /                                               This session will continue. Start with the basics now.    Thank you