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Our next workshop “BE  STREET-READY”  will be Saturday,January 21, 2017 at 900 Howard Ave. Windsor, ON from 10.00 – 1400hrs / 10AM -2PM       We have limited space available. Call 647-773-3345 to reserve your spot 

 For Details click on our “EVENT” Page.  Thank You

 Systema Windsor provides you hands on training in Systema (The System) / Russian Martial Art. Although The System is a military martial art actually used in combat, it is practiced first in a slow, controlled manner constantly encouraging flow of movement. Unlike conventional martial arts there is no yelling or tension in the class, we provide a relaxed stress-free environment that ensures acceleration in the Russian Martial Art. Egos and attitudes are discouraged during training as they slow down the learning process.  Any type of sweats or comfortable street clothes is all you need. Our goal is to teach you one of the most effective martial arts in the world so you can defend yourself in any violent situation.Woman are welcome.  Since training is done according to the accelerated methodology of Spetsnaz, in only a short time you will be able to defend yourself in a real confrontation and  become a competent Warrior.

Real World Applications
We live in a civilized society. We become conditioned to believe that everyone is a good person, filled with good intentions. When we have encounters with people of bad intention, our preconceived ideas of the world fail us. We become uncomfortable with the situation, and afraid of our surroundings. We are not equipped to deal with such situations. We question our instincts. We fight our reactions. Our movements become unnatural, and our decisions come slowly. We deny our instincts. We try to make sense of the situation, often when there is no sense to be made.
Systema teaches us to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations; to accept that an unfortunate situation is occurring, and to deal with it in the best manner possible. Survival is paramount. Systema harnesses the natural survival instincts to help us deal with the situation; to accept it; to endure it, and ultimately to overcome it.


Self Defense Readiness
Instinctive Response
Self Confidence
Complete Relaxation/Relaxation under Pressure
Fast Results


Physical & Mental Endurance
Fear Control & Awareness
Defends in Confined Space
Evasion Tactics
Knife Defense
Weapon Disarming
Defense from Multiple Attackers



COMMING SOON: Short, but powerful videos for Urban Self-Defense. We do not train for trophies, we train for Combat & Survival.

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